TalkBank - Database on vocal communication of people and animals

This page offers software and xml schemas for exchaning data on vocal communication. A very similar approach used by the Leafy Seadragon system.

TalkBank appears to be an academic site funded by the US National Science Foundation.

Appears to be mostly used for researching aphasia.

TODO read.

Sound in the Sea

Great site on cetacean and underwater acoustics by the Univ. of Rhode Island. Many informative pages, such as:

How Marine Mammals Communicate Using Sound.

Visit the pages linked on the left side.

Research on Humpbacks around Hawai'i

At the Pacific Whale Foundation. Is it still active in research?


AcousticEcology.org - Great Site for Cetacean Acoustic

Large, beautiful, site, with great scientific sections, such as the Science Programs. One of the best of the www.