US Navy using dolphins for 35 years

It's now official, for some reason. Oh, they've also been using seals.

The NY Times article:

The Navy's web site on mammals "technology" (their word):

A history of dolphins in the US Navy by PBS.

SAIC, Science Applications International Corporation, a major military contractor and IT provider, supports the US Navy marine mammals programs: http://www.saic.com/biosolutions/services.html#support


Upgraded listening device by Oceanwide Science

Oceanwide Science Institute, in Honolulu, has greatly improved their underwater listening device. Have a look at their web site. Great stuff.

Do they also have some emitters, like Seadragon?

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Salish Sea Journal

Music with the White Whales of the White Sea

http://terrain.org/columns/19/bullhill.htm - David Rothenberg - Photo credit also David Rothenberg.

The whales replied to David's underwater emissions. An on-line sound clip is included.

Great page on dolphin whistles

Includes on-line recordings and spectrograms.


From researchers working in the Aegean Sea.

Superiority Complex - Part 3

Clergy of many stripes have recently stated that the Homo Sapiens species has been created directly by an act of God and has not evolved over time from a series of species. This is 2007, 374 years since Galileo's trial in 1633, and many members of alleged religious hierarchies are still promoting dogmas over the reality of scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge is not perfect but much of it is actually true, even if it contradicts some dogmas.

The fact that some of these members of religious hierarchies who favor dogmas over truth, also favor going to war over dogmas, is significant. This is a clear example of the human behavior pattern that I call the superiority complex, aka., the king of the hill syndrome. It also shows that this syndrome is related to the negation of truth, the suppression of thinking, the imposition of ideas in other people's mind, in the mind of people who do not know enough about science to protect themselves against such anti-scientific propaganda.

This is the same process involved in the continuation of whaling and other types of cetacean exploitation. Because it is related to the idea that Homo sapiens is the only sentient species on Earth.

One difference between the anti-science example and whaling is that in the later we have a lack of science, not simply a lack of education as in the former. Scientists and educated people who support whaling and other such exploitation are behaving just like the anti-science people who condemned Galileo a long time ago and who oppose science today, but without the excuse of a lack of education. So what are they lacking? Humility.

The superiority complex appears to be actually preventing science from progressing when science threatens the superiority complex itself.